Make-Up Artist

The Late Late Show, behind the scenes with Mario Rosenstock
The Girl with the Mechanical Maiden, Short Film
Pat Kenny Newstalk, TV Ad
The Mario Rosenstock Show – Nidge Noonan Sketch
The Nymph, Short Film, (Mask only)
'Beat Girl', Feature Film, (Head of Department)
The Stag, Feature Film, (Assistant Make-up)
Saving the Titanic, Feature length TV Docudrama (Assistant)
Dageuerreotype - Short
Ray D'Arcy RTE Radio 1 TV Ad
RTE TV License TV Ad – Powered by you.
RTE Radio One Promo TV Ad
Electric Ireland, fancy dress party TV Ad
O2/Midlands Travel TV Ad featuring Brian O'Driscoll
Aviva Healthcare TV AD
Ulster Bank/6 Nations Stings
AIB 'The Lab'
In the Name of the Republic, Two part TV Docudrama
Trivia 2, RTE (Assistant)
'Crisis Eile' TG4 (Assistant)
Matrix and Futurebound 'Don't Look Back' Music Video
Son Lux 'Lost it to Trying' Music Video
Behind the scenes Mario Rosenstock
11850 Handmade Moustaches
Hand Built Crepe Hair Beard
Wall Painting- Design and Sketched Out